The Imixs-Cloud monitoring is based on the Prometheus Operator project. All metrics collected form the Imixs-Cloud kubernetes cluster can be monitored in a Grafana dashboard.

The Prometheus Operator

The Prometheus Operator project provides Kubernetes native deployment and management of Prometheus and related monitoring components. The purpose of the project is to simplify and automate the configuration of a Prometheus based monitoring stack for Kubernetes clusters.

Kube Prometheus

Based on Prometheus Operator the project kube-prometheus provides example configurations for a complete cluster monitoring stack. The goal of kube prometheus is to simplify the deployment and configuration of Prometheus, Alertmanager, and related monitoring components. The Imixs-Cloud monitoring is based on the latest version of the kube-prometheus so no additional configuration is need here.


kube prometheus is intended to be used as a library. So all you need to do is to checkout the project form github on your master-node.

# Checkout the project form Github
$ cd
$ git clone
$ cd kube-prometheus
# Create the namespace and CRDs, and then wait for them to be availble before creating the remaining resources
$ kubectl create -f manifests/setup
$ until kubectl get servicemonitors --all-namespaces ; do date; sleep 1; echo ""; done
$ kubectl create -f manifests/


After you have setup kube prometheus you can also customize it using the kubectl tool Kustomize.

For that first create a “kustomization.yaml” file like this one:

namespace: monitoring


- imixs-cloud-ingress.yaml

- grafana-env.yaml

In this file a new ingres.yaml resource was define and a grafana-env.yaml file to add some custom environment variables to the grafana service:

Grafana SMTP configuration

With the following grafana-env.yaml you can setup you smtp config used within grafana:


apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: grafana
  namespace: monitoring
      - name: grafana
          - name: GF_SMTP_ENABLED
            value: "true"
          - name: GF_SMTP_HOST
            value: "my-mailgateway.kube-system:25"
          - name: GF_SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS
            value: ""

To apply the new grafana configuration apply the kustomization configuration and run:

$ kubectl apply --kustomize ../monitoring/


To access the grafana dashboard from your Internet domain you can use the traefik reverse proxy configured in Imixs-Cloud. Just edit the file imixs-cloud-ingress.yaml and replace [YOUR-DNS-NAME] whit the name of you monitoring Internet domain name.

To apply the ingress configuration aplly the kustomization configuration explained above and run:

$ kubectl apply --kustomize ../monitoring/

Grafana Boards

The kube prometheus project provide a large number of Grafana dashboards which can be access from the dashboard configuration page.