Quick-Installation Guide for Docker

Imixs-Office-Workflow provides a Docker Container to run the service on any Docker host. With this Installation guide you can setup an instance of Imixs-Office-Workflow in minutes.

To follow the installation guide make sure that you have already installed Docker and also Docker-Compose on your test machine.

Install the Application with Docker-Compose

  1. Create a working directory on you machine (e.g. /office-workflow/)
  2. Copy the docker-compose.yml file into work working directory


version: "3.6"
    image: postgres:9.6.1
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: adminadmin
      POSTGRES_DB: office
      - dbdata:/var/lib/postgresql/data
    image: imixs/imixs-documents:latest
      - db
      JAVA_OPTS: "-Dnashorn.args=--no-deprecation-warning"
      POSTGRES_USER: "postgres"
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: "adminadmin"
      POSTGRES_CONNECTION: "jdbc:postgresql://db/office"      
      TZ: "Europe/Berlin"
      MAILGATEWAY: "localhost"
      - "8080:8080"

Run the Application

To start Imixs-Office-Workflow run the following docker command from your working directory:

docker-compose up

This will start the database and the application server. After a few minutes you access the application from your web browser:


You can login with the default account ‘admin’ with the password ‘adminadmin’.

Setup your Application

After Imixs-Office-Workflow is up and running you need to setup a process with a worklfow.

First upload a BPMN Workflow model. You can find many examples here. To upload a model go to “Administration » Models” and add a BPMN file to your model list.

Next create a new Process in the section “Administration » Processes” and assign the uploaded workflow model with your new process:

Now you will see the new process and its workflow in the home screen under the section ‘Processes’. You can start the corresponding workflow:

Imixs-Office-Workflow provides a huge list of features to setup a professional Process Management Platform. You will find information in the several sub-projects of Imixs-Workflow.