Imixs-Documents provides a Open Source Document Management Suite for small, medium and large enterprises. The Project is based on the Workflow Suite Imixs-Office-Workflow and is licensed under the GPL.

The goal of the project is to provide a powerful and easy-to-use Business Process and Document Management suite for companies and organizations. With the help of ‘Imixs-BPMN’, business processes can be designed within the BPMN 2.0 standard and easily adapted to the individually needs of an enterprise.

Quick-Installation Guide

Imixs-Office-Workflow provides a Docker Container to run the service on any Docker host. With the Quick-Installation guide you can setup an instance of Imixs-Office-Workflow in minutes.

Workflow Models

Imixs-Documents provides a selection of standard workflow models that can be used for a quick start. The workflow modls are provided in different laguages. Switch into your prefered language for futher details.

All standard models have included a multi-level approval workflow. The approval is determined by team management at the process and space levels. To add a management approval just add a manager into the corresponding process manager section.

Custom Forms

Forms can be customized in Imixs-Documents within the BPMN model. The following template shows an example:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

  <imixs-form-section columns="2" label="Vertragsdaten">
    <item name="" type="text"  label="Partner:" />
    <item name="contract.number" type="text"  label="Nummer:" />
    <item name="contract.start" type="date"  label="Beginn:" />
    <item name="contract.end" type="date"  label="Ende:" />
    <item name="contract.fee" type="float"  label="Gebühr:" />
    <item name="payment.cycle" type="text"  label="Abrechnungsperiode:" />
    <item name="payment.type" type="text"  label="Zahlungsart:" />
    <item name="cdtr.iban" type="text"  label="IBAN:" />
    <item name="cdtr.bic" type="text"  label="BIC:" />
    <item name="" type="text"  label="Kreditor:" />

The following sections list the business items predefined by Imixs-Documents. For application specific item names the ‘dot.Case’ format is recommended. It’s basically a convention that makes it easier to see what properties are related.

Item Type Description
Order text Order name
order.number text Order number date Delivery date
Contract text Contract name
contract.partner text Contract partner name
contract.number text Contract number
contract.start date Contract start date
contract.end date Contract end date
contract.fee float Contract fee per billing cycle
Creditor text Creditor name
cdtr.iban text IBAN number
cdtr.bic text BIC number
Debitor text debitor name
dbtr.iban text IBAN number
dbtr.bic text BIC number
invoice.number text Invoice number date Invoice Date float Invoice total amount
invoice.vat float Invoice vat
invoice.gross float Invoice gross amount
payment.type text credit card, SEPA date payment date float payment amount
payment.cycle text payment cycle (monthly, yearly, fixed date